About Us


We work to offer a traditional mix of print, direct mail, email marketing, and web to creative work for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and NGO’s to get the message to the right people when they need to hear it.

What can Lilly Design Group do for you?
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About Us

The most important thing to us is that we are helping build the brands people love. Give us a challenge; we are creative problem solvers. We can build a visual foundation for your brand, to promote your company story, and help you define brand value and market relevance…

In-House Capabilities

Staffed with award winning designers and developers, Lilly Design Group is offering a number of in-house digital and traditional publishing services. From Web Design, Graphic Design, and Corporate Identity Development, to Package Design, Prototyping, Ideation, Visual Brand Strategies Development, and Storytelling…

The Differences Between Freelancer and Creative Agency

You may be trying to decide between going with a freelancer and hiring a creative agency for design work. There’s often an assumption that the two are very similar and many think it’s a better decision to go with a freelancer due to lower costs. But this is far from reality…

Our Mission

At Lilly Design Group, our mission is to provide your organization with dynamic and vibrant marketing strategies, whether it’s web design, corporate identity design, or something as complex as putting together effective media campaigns. We help companies become leaders in their field.