Branding Standards


Enforcing Branding Standards

Maintaining brand Consistency is one of the most common challenges brand managers and marketing branches face.

The present predicament for many corporations is the challenge of developing sophisticated Intranet and Extranet portals that effectively and consistently integrate with their corporate branding. Our Branding Standards solutions are designed to offer organizations an online branding tool that is either as simple and straightforward as one with limited content management functionality, or as complex as a fully integrated web solution with an employee Intranet, customer and partner Extranets, secure document libraries, interactive forms, or surveys and all other digital asset management tools.

Intranets and Extranets

Branding Standards Intranet is designed specifically to maintain internal brand consistency within the company. In order to deliver an exceptional brand to consumers and other stakeholders, it is crucial to maintain the brand’s visual integrity from the inside, out.

Branding Standards Extranet helps assert brand unity in all marketing communications efforts created by outside vendors and service providers. No matter what size your company is, you need to implement the system that imposes a marketing message while building your brand.