eCommerce Web Development

We develop and build e-commerce sites with branding in mind…

e-Commerce websites are often used in conjunction with printed product catalogs or retail outlets. They are also well suited for a wholesale business to provide logged-in users direct access to pricing. Using the latest Open Source CMS technologies, we have the ability to service wholesale and retail accounts on the same website.

Content Management Systems

We do not believe in vendor lock-in and we will not recommend long term commitments when it comes to web design or maintenance. Over the last decade we helped many companies and organizations move away from propitiatory platforms, putting control of company’s website in their hands. That being said, we specialize in Open Source Web Platforms, anything from WordPress, Drupal, Joomla to complex Magento eCommerce we will be able to help you with. Customizing back-end functionalists to meet the expectation of the end user experience, your business goals and daily operations, and designing custom WordPress and Drupal themes is one of our specialties.

Membership Sites

The LDG team works with most open source platforms. In fact, we’ve mastered many (eg. Drupal, Joomla and WordPress) All of these CMS web design systems are suitable for specific e-Commerce projects, depending on scale. This type of website usually has a percentage of electronic commerce conducted entirely electronically for “virtual” items such as access to premium content on a website, music and movie downloadable files, donations, etc. If you’re looking to constantly update your website, these are the CMS based back-ends we recommend. LDG can also work with your company to use these platforms so your team can do your own updates.